aero engine test facility, aero engine test facilities, mobile engine test stand, mets

Aero Support specialising in Aero Engine Test Facility Design & Support

outdoor test facility, indoor test facility, test cell

Our engineers have extensive experience in the design, installation and support of aero engine test facilities worldwide.

bespoke performance analysis software, application test software

Bespoke Performance Analysis Software

auto promted test software, isa corrected software

Aero Support have over 20 years experience in developing and supporting performance analysis software for aero engine gas turbine engines.

cec vibration products, vibration analysis, vibration sensors, vibration transducer, vibration sensor, vibration monitoring equipment

CEC Vibration Products sensors and vibration condition monitoring

accelerometer, vibration transmitter, charge amplifier

Aero Support is proud to be the preferred value added resller for CEC Vibration Products

CEC Vibration Products, vibration analysis, vibration sensors, vibration transducers

CEC Vibration Products - south east region and worldwide distributor.

Aero Engine Test Facilities, mobile engine test stand (METS), Uninstalled Engine Test Facility (UETF)

Aero engine test facility design and support services. Full facility calibration and maintenance.

Performance Analysis Software, application test software

Developers of Aero engine performance analysis and application test software.

Instrumentation and Control, test facility instrumentation

Instrumentation and control installation, design and support. Test facility upgrades and support.

Welcome to the Aero Support website

Consultants in aero engine test facility design and vibration analysis

Aero Support engineers have gained worldwide respect within the civilian and military aero engine Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry. We are specialists in providing design, installation, commissioning, calibration and support services to aero engine test facilities and component test rig users. Aero support is headed by a Chartered Engineer who is a full Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a full Member of the SAE International Aerospace Committee EG-1E, responsible for Aerospace Propulsion System Support Equipment – Test Facilities & Equipment.

Aero Engine Test Facilities, Mobile Engine Test Stand (METS), Uninstalled Engine Test Facility (UETF)

Aero Engine Test Cell Design and Support

With over 25 years aerospace industry experience, Aero Support have been responsible for the design of instrumentation and control systems and performance analysis software for many aero engine types.

Our specialist engineers have a proven track record in providing first class service to our civilian and military aerospace and power generation customers.

Providing design and support solutions for enclosed (indoor) test facilities and outdoor Mobile Engine Test (METS) facilities.

Our engineers perform true end-to-end on-site instrumentation calibration and maintenance of aero engine test facilities worldwide. We also provide off-site and on-line technical software support for many customers.

CEC Vibration Products - Preferred Value Added Distributor

Vibration Sensors and Transducers

CEC Vibration Products sensors are used worldwide in power generation, aerospace, military and marine applications. Reliable self-generating designs ensure suitability for use in demanding hazardous location. CSA and Atex approved vibration sensors.

Vibration Monitoring and Calibration Equipment

CEC Vibration Products manufacture vibration analysis and monitoring equipment, ranging from single to twelve channel systems. Modular and programmable solutions to satisfy both simple and complex instrumentation requirements.

Low-Noise Cables/Assemblies

High quality low noise cables and cable assemblies are available for interconnection of sensor and monitoring equipment. High temperature low noise cable assemblies provide high reliability and quality connection solutions.

CEC Vibration Products, Vibration analysis, vibration sensors

With more than 60 years of field-proven experience, CEC Vibration Products have a reputation which is unmatched in the industry. Leading the industry in developing and manufacturing precision instruments that measure vibration

Aero Support is the European distributor for CEC Vibration Products and are able to supply products, equipment, product literature and support where required. Having used CEC products extensively for our customer installations, Aero Support is able to provide our customers with a total instrumentation solution, including specification, design, installation, commissioning and support.

CEC Vibration Products are world leaders in the self-generating velocity vibration sensor market.

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